I met Clover over at Leayph and was quickly fascinated by his art, which we got a lot to see of in the many site events he hosted. In October/November 2017 we noticed that we both were participating in NaNoWriMo and in one of these conversation he showed me an illlustration he had done for his project. This illustration had beautifully drawn CRYSTALS in it and when I saw them, it hit me – could he possibly be the artist I was looking for for doing my covers? I was so afraid to ask, but then again I could not NOT ask lol. And Clover said YES 😀

We started in March and besides doing all the covers and illustrations I asked for, he did so much more and surprised me with cute and beautiful other drawings every now and then <3 He perfectly steeped into all the secrets of cover data and studied the many documents he got from me (f. e. Amazon publishing guides XD) without ever complaining lol. Clover lives in America and I have no idea whether my imagination of him matches reality as I never saw or met him and neither do I know his real name XD But it does not matter, cus I just know meeting Clover online was the best thing that could happen. I could not have done all this without you <3 I truly hope with all my heart there will be more people out there seeing his gorgeous talent and wanting his art 🙂